Why long range two way radios don't cut it

Why long range two way radios don't cut it

Most long range two way radios can travel a distance of 25-35 miles hitting a max of 50 miles.  That distance won’t cut it for all teams – especially when spread out between country roads, major cities, or sprawling suburban areas.

Typically, long range radios fail to hit their mark and the customer is now the proud owner of an unstable long range radio. Shaking their head with disappointment. 

When purchasing the best long range two way radios you’ll want to be certain your messages go the distance – and not just around the block.

Long range two way radios don’t go the distance

Traditional two way radios are subject to a short life spans. Costing teams hundreds of dollars.

Now is the time, to replace those bulky, expensive, long range two way radios. Alleviate stress, and be sure your messages can travel any distance. Give your entire team a modern makeover – all on their mobile device. 

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement is in full-swing, so if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, the time is now.

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that can be deployed directly on your teams mobile device. With Voxer your team will never have to worry about their two way radios constantly breaking and having to sustain harsh conditions.

There are no range limitations with Voxer. Send walkie talkie messages around the world.

voxer replaces long range two way radios

Why you need Voxer for Business to replacing push-to-talk long range radios

  • Saves messages in dead zones and automatically sends them once network is available.
  • Available on any wifi or cellular network in the world
  • Share rich media including photo, video, gif and text
  • See location details on sent messages
  • Unlimited Channels and customizable notifications
  • Lower cost of ownership.

In a modern world, technology is king – and there are no shortages on ways messages can travel. Migrate your team to Voxer, for an effortless solution. 

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