Capture your life with capture mode

Introducing a brand new way to use Voxer: Capture Mode!

Capture the moment as it’s happening. Capture Mode for iOS allows you to quickly and easily take video, photo or audio and share it with others.

Whether you’re sailing on San Francisco Bay, watching your kid play hockey, or at a concert never miss a moment with Capture Mode. Instead of starting with your chat lists and deciding who you want to chat with, Capture Mode cuts straight to the chase.

1. Open Voxer and go to your chats list.
2. Now rotate your phone sideways. (Make sure you screen orientation is not locked to portrait mode.)
3. You have the option to take video (long press on the button to record), photos (tap and release), or record audio (toggle to audio icon and long press to record).
4. Ready to send? Choose your recipients from both chats and contacts list. Easy peasy!

Now it’s easy to get that photo of the silly looking animal or audio of your friend screaming down the zipline.

Note: Any video or photo that you share on Voxer will be stored in Photos on your iOS device.

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