How Much Data Does Voxer Use?

We’re often asked how much data Voxer uses to run on your phone. To keep things simple, we typically tell users that Voxer uses about as much data as your email app. Similar to other apps, depending on your wireless plan and phone settings, Voxer uses either WiFi or data to send your messages.

All messages on Voxer; audio, text and image messages are sent using WiFi or data. If WiFi is unavailable, Voxer will switch over to data.

The infographic below dives deeper into the amount of data used by Voxer. As you can see, 1 GB of data would be 1.5 million text messages and 75,000 voice messages of an average length of 7 seconds! That’s some heavy voxing!


How many voxes do you send on average per month? Do you typically send voice or text messages? Have other questions about Voxer’s data usage? Please leave them in the comments below or email Happy voxing!

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Voxer iOS 7 Update Troubleshooting Tips

Dearest Voxers on iOS –

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