Walkie Wednesday: Resetting your Password

Uh-oh, logged out of your account? Fear not. Don’t let the dreaded lockout get your down. Whether you want to change your password for security reasons or you just forget your password – we’ve got you covered. Follow this quick step guide to get you back into your account and back to what you love most, voxing! 
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multi-device support

Private Chats Now with Multi-Device Support

Our Private Chats feature just got even better! 

Private Chats is is now available with multi-device support with the latest update on iOS and Android. Up until this release, users could only send end-to-end encrypted messages from one active device per Voxer account. Without this limitation, users now have the ability to access end-to-end encrypted conversations from all their mobile devices. What that means is, users who access their Voxer account from multiple devices can gain access to their private conversations seamlessly.

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How to verify the safety of your conversation with Private Chats

The new Private Chats feature gives all Voxer users the option to send end-to-end encrypted messages. End-to-end encryption essentially means that the only person who can see or hear your message is the person to whom you send it, and no one else. Not even Voxer or any third-party that could potentially gain access to our servers thru legal or illegal means. The content of your message — whether it is a voice, text, image, or video — cannot be decrypted from the time it leaves your device to the time the recipient opens it.

Here is what you need to know to verify the privacy of your conversation and ensure only the intended recipient has access to your messages.

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Private Chats End-to-End Encryption

Private Chats: The First Walkie-Talkie Messenger with End-to-End Encryption

Voxer is proud to roll out Private Chats: end-to-end encrypted chats, available now for everyone on the latest version of Voxer for iOS and Android.

While all Voxer messages are secure, when you create a Private Chat, only the person who is receiving your message can listen, read, or see it. No one else. Not even us. That’s end-to-end encryption.

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