How to Send a Message

New Chat




Tap on the COMPOSE button to start a new message 





New Chat_Screen Shot



Choose a contact or start a group chat

Here you can search or browse contacts. Once you choose a contact, a new chat window will open.

To learn how to add and invite friends to Voxer, click here.





talkbutton_screen shot



Press+Hold the TALK button to send a LIVE AUDIO message 

The recipient will receive a notification and be able to hear your message stream LIVE.

If the recipient is unavailable, the recorded message will be available for later playback.

You can track the status of your messages with read receipts.






To send a text message, click on the TEXT bar and start typing

Share photos, videos, GIFs, documents, and your location from the bottom menu bar.





Main Menu



Your profile, contact list, audio notifications settings, along with other options can be found on the Main Menu.






That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

To get a full rundown of features that come along with Voxer and to see our other products, check out our website at

“Did I Hear a Niner In There?”

By Neil Gupta, Ohio School District Administrator

My first journey in experiencing innovative communication was a pulley system that transported a small box with a note in it between my brother’s room and mine. We spent hours attaching ropes to pulleys and securing boxes to support the weight. At that time, it wasn’t about the message as much as creating the communication system. As I got older, we discovered the power of the walkie-talkie. Instantly, our communication was transformed. We could interact in real-time, and created games to spy on Mom around the house.

I have always been enamored with technology, and how to harness its power to communicate with others. It wasn’t long until the childhood tech was replaced with computers and cell phones. Although I miss a good written note folded in those origami rectangles, I have come to enjoy the visual text and pictures through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While all of these apps have a place for professional learning and personal enjoyment, I find that Voxer is an indispensable app in my arsenal of communication technology.

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Deepening Professional Relationships Through Voxer

By Victoria Olson, Grade 3/4 Teacher

In the Summer of 2013, I thought I had already found my professional development mecca as a teacher. It was Twitter. As crazy as it sounds to those outside our circle, teachers all over the globe use social media to connect and collaborate to further their professional development. From Twitter chats where conversation revolves around a common hashtag, to Google+ groups that focus on specific learning styles or projects, social media has helped me forge several professional relationships and friendships with educators all over the world over the last two years.

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