How Roto-Rooter is Winning at Team Communication

Roto-Rooter is one of the most recognized service companies in the United States, delivering 24/7 services to nearly 90% of the country. With a steadfast focus on rapid response and fast service to customers, Roto-Rooter employs 1,500 service technicians who help residential and commercial customers with clogged sewers, sinks or drains, plumbing repair services and preventive maintenance programs. When customers are dealing with plumbing problems, they need help immediately. Efficient communication is a critical component to making sure customers are serviced quickly.

Alike many field services companies with a mobile and distributed workforce, Roto-Rooter relied on push-to-talk services to keep employees connected, especially when they are spread out over large geographies. Managing workers who are frequently on-the-move requires constant communication to make sure that employees are on task, on time, giving regular updates from the field, and being held accountable for their work.

However they realized that traditional push-to-talk (PTT) services do not deliver effective solutions to accomplish these day-to-day business operations. They don’t function well on today’s smartphones, and they lack the productivity features that are becoming essential for modern workers.

Voxer PRO offers a solution that outpaces traditional PTT and phone calls by providing high-performance instant voice on a smartphone (or iPod or tablet) that costs less money, works on any data network (including WiFi), gives you multimedia functionality, consolidates everything to one device, and provides the flexibility to talk in real-time or hear everything later.

Here are some reasons why Roto-Rooter replaced traditional PTT with Voxer PRO as their primary way of communicating:

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Step-by-step guide to getting your team on Voxer Pro

Ready to get your team on Voxer Pro?

Voxer Pro is very easy to set-up. Follow these simples steps and get voxing!

1) Login or sign up to Voxer from your computer at and upgrade to Voxer Pro.

2) Ask your teammates to sign up for Voxer by sending them email invites. Open the invite friends page and enter their email address. They will receive invitations by email to download Voxer to their mobile device and sign-up.  Once they sign up, they will be automatically added to your Voxer contact list.

If you have teammates who are existing Voxer users, go to step 3 to add them to your contact list.

3) Add your team to your Voxer contact list.

Go to your contact list > enter full name, email address or username in the search field > select their profile > tap  “send message.”

4) To upgrade your team to Voxer Pro, click on the orange PRO icon, select Add Team Members. Choose a contact from your contact list, or search for a Voxer user by email.

You will be prompted to select a plan and enter payment information for your entire team.

5) Create group chats for your team.

Click on the New Chat button in your Chats List to get started. Select “Group Chat” and scroll through your Contacts List to add members. (Remember: If you didn’t add everyone to your contacts list, they won’t show up here.) You can create as many chats as you like, with any combination of contacts (or the exact same participants), just make sure to rename each chat to avoid any confusion with your team.

6) Don’t forget to turn on Admin Control for every chat to manage users and moderate chats.


Here is a full list of features of Voxer Pro:

All About Voxer for Team Communication

Voxer and team communication are a match made in heaven. Fast, efficient, and personal communication drives high-performing teams. Those are the cornerstones of Voxer.

If you’re not quite sure if Voxer is the right tool for your team, let us shed light on some industries that are using Voxer right now. While we can’t give names, Voxer is chirping happily away in hospitality, delivery, construction, first-responders, education, filmmaking, and event planning.

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