How Voxer Business Transformed Windom Windows Company Communication

Windom Windows, is a Seattle-based window washing company specializing in high-rise window cleaning. They’ve been using Voxer Business since April 2013. After trying to use traditional two-way radios, Windom Windows discovered Voxer Business, and immediately recognized that it could save their company money while increasing productivity.  

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Why Voxer is What Every Family Needs At Disneyland

We had been hyping a trip to Disneyland for a long time to my son Charlie who is 3 ½, as an incentive to be well behaved. Finally we had…


TruTower Voxer Series Review

Independent technology blog, TruTower recently did a week long series covering all things Voxer. TruTower is the only tech blog completely dedicated to VoIP and Messaging apps and International GSM carriers….


Walkie Wednesdays: What is Note to Self?

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Staying Connected After College: A Voxer Story

Voxer user Brittany and her college friends were searching for ways to keep their group in touch after college graduation when they discovered Voxer. Today the girls stay connected and…


Introducing: Voxer for Web Video

Last week we launched Voxer for Web, the complete Voxer experience, now available on your desktop or laptop. Voxer for Web uses the same push-to-talk functionality of Voxer, allowing you…


Voxer iOS 2.7.3 is Now Available

Time to update! Today we’re excited to announce the launch of iOS version 2.7.3 for both consumer and Voxer Business users.