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Bringing Communities Together with Voxer

It’s quite amazing to see the various use cases of Voxer across the world. From an active educator community, book clubs, bible study groups, and fantasy football leagues, Voxer is connecting communities in fantastic ways.

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All About Voxer for Team Communication

Voxer and team communication are a match made in heaven. Fast, efficient, and personal communication drives high-performing teams. Those are the cornerstones of Voxer.

If you’re not quite sure if Voxer is the right tool for your team, let us shed light on some industries that are using Voxer right now. While we can’t give names, Voxer is chirping happily away in hospitality, delivery, construction, first-responders, education, filmmaking, and event planning.

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How ideas converge on Voxer

By Jeff Veal, Connected Educator

Connections That Count
Leveraging the power of group capital is a fundamental belief of mine. We can achieve more together than alone. This is what occurs when you take a group of educators and galvanize them around one purpose. Many educators have been expanding their PLN’s (Professional Learning Networks) beyond their campus and districts. How do they do this?
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5 Ways to Use Voxer to Grow your Math Mindset

By Lisa Dabbs, Educational Consultant & Author

I was introduced to Voxer in 2012, and began to use it on occasion with a family member. This was a few years before it became this amazing resource that I now have come to rely on to connect and collaborate with educators all around the world!

Connected to What Matters
I’m a connected educator. Okay, there I’ve said it and I’m not embarrassed to say that I wear that title proudly. I’ve had the pleasure of building many local and international relationships via social media and have grown in my practice as a result. I’m also thoroughly convinced that using Voxer has deepened those connections. Having said that, I’m also keenly aware that not everyone is as connected as I am. When it comes to the topic of why we should connect as an educational community, there are a variety of thoughts on the subject, and some say that they just don’t have the time. My response would be that we make the time for what matters so why not see connecting to grow our practice as a valuable action.

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Get to What Really Matters

By Kerry Gallagher, Digital Learning Specialist

Early one school day morning, I was introduced to Voxer via an invitation from the Breakfast Club Twitter chat — #BFC530 — well over a year ago. Those same people from the Twitter chat were going to continue the conversation on Voxer. I wanted to be a part of that! I soon discovered that, by joining Voxer, I’d be able to have discussions about what really matters with fellow educators. It is as if we were sitting having coffee in the teacher prep room at my school. It also became a way for my students to hear from other children from across the country.
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