Team Communication

Voxer PRO: Take your team communication to the next level

What is Voxer PRO?
Voxer PRO is a premium version of Voxer with additional features to optimize your team communication and give you more control.

For a full comparison of Voxer plans go here.
Full Message Control
Manage chat participants, curate messages in a group chat, broadcast to large groups, and more.

Message Recall
Recall and delete unwanted messages from your contact’s device.

Unlimited Message Storage
Free users can see their message history for up to 30 days, but with PRO you can see your entire message history from your first Voxer message.

Team Management
Manage users, payments, and access all your chats and contacts seamlessly from your desktop with Voxer for web.

Walkie-Talkie Mode
The perfect feature for a team on the go. Use Voxer handsfree with Walkie Talkie Mode.

Premium Support
Get bumped to the front of the line when you submit feedback directly from the app.

Getting Your Team on Voxer PRO
Reference our quick guide to get your team on Voxer PRO.

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