Team Communication

Voxer PRO: Take your team communication to the next level

What is Voxer PRO?
Voxer PRO is a premium version of Voxer with additional features to optimize your team communication and give you more control. For a full comparison of Voxer plans go here.

Admin Control
This feature allows a PRO user to set a group chat up with complete control. As an admin, you are the only one who can add or remove chat members and recall messages from others.

Message Recall
Oops! Sent a message by mistake? Recall it. (It’s our way of saying “delete” 😉

Unlimited Message Storage
Free users can see their message history for up to 30 days, but with PRO you can see messages from day one on Voxer.

Broadcast Chat
Sometimes you may want to send an announcement, and not have to deal with responses. Send no-reply messages to a group.

Walkie-Talkie Mode
The perfect feature for a team on the go. Use Voxer handsfree with Walkie Talkie Mode.

For the most up-to-date list of Voxer PRO features, please visit our Plans & Pricing page.

Getting Your Team on Voxer PRO
The best way to get your team up and running on Voxer PRO is on Voxer for Web. Once you’re logged in, go to the DISCOVER PRO badge in the menu. Go to “Upgrade your team”, where you’ll be able to select members from your Contacts List and pay for them all at once.

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