Voxer for Gear S2: A Walkie-Talkie On Your Wrist

Voxer for Gear S2: A Walkie-Talkie On Your Wrist

Remember Dick Tracy? Remember his watch? That 2-Way Wrist-Radio sported by the famous comic strip detective is now a reality with Voxer for Samsung Gear S2. It’s the quickest way to send messages today!

Using Voxer on the Gear S2 is straightforward and simple, providing a frictionless communications experience. Simply select a contact and press the push-to-talk button while speaking into the Gear S2, as you would a walkie-talkie. When the contact replies, a notification appears. Listen to voice messages either on the smartwatch or via a Bluetooth headset.

While sporting his very own Gear S2, Voxer mobile engineer Sandeep Raghuraman says: “You just can’t beat being able to send voice messages via your wrist without ever having to take out your phone.”

What’s Inside Voxer for Samsung Gear S2:
+ View notifications at a glance
+ Listen to voice messages
+ Reply with voice
+ Preview photos and text messages
+ Scroll through contacts list to send a new voice message

The future is here with Voxer for Samsung Gear!

Take it for a spin. Let us know how you like it.
Download Voxer via the Samsung Gear Store on your Android device.