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We recently launched Voxer 3.0 for iOS, the Voxer app for iOS devices, completely redesigned from the ground up, giving you a brand new experience on iOS.

In the re-design, we included read receipts, a new user experience and interface, speed improvements, newly added tap-to-talk functionality, and walkie talkie mode for Pro and Business users.

We’re so excited about the release of Voxer 3.0 for iOS that we even made a brand new iOS video! Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Be sure to also check out our iOS FAQ pages for any Voxer 3.0 questions. Or please email support@voxer.com with any questions or feedback.

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Roto-Rooter, the largest plumbing and drain service in the United States, has chosen Voxer Business as their communication solution to connect and enable desk and field workers with instantaneous communication. With 110 company-owned and over 500 franchise locations in the country, Voxer Business will enable Roto-Rooter’s service technicians to easily get in touch with supervisors and dispatchers, while they are out in the field, improving collaboration and efficiency.

“Push-to-Talk is a crucial communication tool for our field employees, and therefore for our overall business, said Joyce Welage, director of office operations, Roto-Rooter. “...Voxer allows efficient, simple communication between Roto-Rooter service technicians, supervisors, and dispatchers.”

Roto-Rooter currently has 800 service technicians that are using Voxer Business to stay in touch with their team, and is expected to double that number in 2014. Since Voxer Business is carrier and device agnostic, Roto-Rooter has complete flexibility and does not need to change any existing devices or services plans. One of the primary reasons Roto-Rooter chose Voxer Business is that it supports live and recorded voice, so that employees are able to communicate quickly, while simultaneously storing their messages for playback, ensuring that they never miss critical messages.

Find out why other field service companies are using Voxer Business by downloading our Field Services White Paper. Voxer Business currently costs $9.95/month per user and is available on any iOS, Android, or WP8 device. If you have questions about Voxer Business, please contact our Sales Team by emailing sales@voxer.com

Exactly how fast is Voxer? Faster than the speed of sound! How do we do it you ask? Check out our infographic below to find out how. 


Mobile messaging services such as Voxer, Whatsapp and IMO are certainly already huge industries and are some of the fastest growing in the world. Are we seeing the dawn of the next Facebook or Skype? George Harik and Tom Katis of IMO and Voxer, respectively, sat down recently with Bloomberg TV to discuss the future of the wireless industry and how mobile messaging will and already is affecting it.

Over-the-top services

According to Tom Katis, his app Voxer, which offers push to talk services as well as text and photo/video sending, keeps its users occupied for a combined average of half hour to an hour a day.

Clearly, users of these apps—or over the top services, as Katis calls them—use them heavily, which is a good thing for any product, especially a product that’s a part of the $100-billion-a-year app industry.

But what is so special about these over the top services? Skype has been doing this type of video/audio/text communication for years. The difference is simply that companies like Voxer and IMO have taken the concept of Skype and adapted it to mobile devices.

Smart phones

Mobile devices are now seen as telephones with internet capabilities—mini-computers. But Katis believes this is the wrong way to view smart phones.

He and George Harik agree that mobile devices should have the same capabilities as home computers and laptops, such as SMS text messaging, storing phone numbers, making phone calls and access to the Internet.

With their apps, Harik and Katis says they can offer everything a desktop computer has through your mobile device but with more services than standard smart phones already offer. Mobile companies worry that these apps will affect the messaging and calling plans that they themselves offer, but Harik says that these apps offer great add-ons for carriers.

In this way, a symbiotic relationship is formed because app developers need carriers to distribute their products, while carriers need apps to create increased awareness. Katis agrees that carriers are necessary to get data out there. However, carriers worry that they will lose services to these apps and become “dumb pipes,” only used as a medium to offer services such as Whatsapp and IMO.

A new age

Data revenue has exploded over the past few years, and Katis and Harik believe that soon, carriers will simply charge a flat rate for a data plan instead of offering separate rates for data, SMS and phone calls.

As Katis states, smart phones are mobile computers. The quicker phone providers embrace apps like those offered by Katis' and Harik's, they easier it will be for them to avoid becoming obsolete.

Obviously we are seeing the dawn of a new age in mobile devices and how they're being used. Tom Katis and George Harik may be at the forefront of that age. Watch the full interview with Bloomberg TV

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One of the greatest challenges for a company with a mobile and distributed workforce is keeping employees connected, especially when they are spread out over large geographies. Managing workers who are frequently on-the-move requires constant communication to make sure that employees are on task, on time, giving regular updates from the field, and being held accountable for their work. These are critical needs for field service companies, and traditional push-to-talk (PTT) services are not delivering effective solutions to accomplish these day-to-day business operations.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 4.34.06 PM.png

Problems with Traditional Push-to-Talk and Phone Calls

Nextel once represented the gold standard in wireless push-to-talk, but the service couldn’t keep up with advancing technology and usage was in steady decline before they shut down the iDEN network in 2013. Since then, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have touted their PTT services running on 3G data networks, yet failed to provide a solution that combines utility with modern functionality.

CB radios lack multimedia capability and are not interoperable with multiple devices and networks. Not to mention, if you miss a message on a CB radio, the message is gone. When communication can only be live, important information is lost when an employee is unavailable. And often in field service roles, employees are not in their vehicles, which makes them unreachable. This wastes time and causes delays which can affect a company’s bottom line.

Many businesses with field service operations now give their employees smartphones or tablets, and use calling and texting as their primary means of communication. However, for dispatch-driven companies, this can mean employees and managers are making thousands of phone calls per day, which is incredibly inefficient, or sending thousands of text messages which can pose safety risks in the field.

How Voxer Business Can Help

1. Works on Any Data Network: Voxer Business is carrier agnostic, enabling it to work on any carrier in the world, allowing you to use Voxer Business between carriers. Voxer Business even works on WiFi so if you do not have network coverage, you can use Voxer on WiFi, making it a great option for teams that are dispersed internationally.

2. Works on Any iOS, Android, or WP8 Device: Voxer Business outpaces traditional PTT and phone calls by providing high performance instant voice and multimedia messaging on your existing smartphone. So long as you have a smartphone with access to the App Store, Play Store, or Windows Store, you can use Voxer Business. This enables Voxer Business to also work on iPods and iPads.

3. Live and Recorded: We have over 120 global patents that enable us to provide the only push-to-talk solution in the world that is both live and recorded. Voxer Business provides the speed of half-duplex live voice with low latency, but you won’t miss anything, and you won’t need to repeat yourself.

Roto-Rooter, the largest provider of plumbing repair services in the United States, uses Voxer Business to keep hundreds of employees connected while they are out in the field. Joyce Welage, Roto-Rooter's Director of Office Operations said, 

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 4.51.50 PM.pngThese are just three reasons Voxer Business is the ultimate communication solution for field service companies and technicians. Download our White Paper for a full list of reasons why Voxer Business is the smartest two-way radio on the planet. If you have questions about how your company can utilize Voxer Business, please email Sales@voxer.com.

Earlier this week, we launched Voxer for iOS 3.0! The Voxer iOS app, completely redesigned with a brand new interface, battery life and speed improvements, and a few new features.

Some features have been renamed or moved to other locations within the app. Many of you have been writing in to us asking about Slide Lock. For those of you that don’t know, Slide Lock enables you to “lock” the hold and talk button so you do not need to hold down the button the entire time while recording a message.

In iOS 3.0, this feature has been renamed to “Tap to Talk”. It works just as the name implies, tap to start recording your message, and tap again when you are done recording your message. You can enable Tap to Talk by navigating to Settings > selecting “Audio and Notifications” > and turn on “Tap to Talk”.

If you haven't updated already, you can download Voxer for iOS 3.0 in the App Store

Be sure to check out our FAQ page for more details. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team by emailing support@voxer.com. And on that note, we would love to hear your general iOS 3.0 feedback. It’s with your feedback and bug reports that we are able to make Voxer better! You know the drill, please send any feedback or bug reports to support@voxer.com. Thanks!